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We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you who have supported us in holding the 8th Ashihara Karate World Championship. Ashihara Kaikan, a member of the New International Karatedo Oeganization, is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable karate experience for everyone. And the theme of Ashihara Kaikan is karate that can be practiced and enjoyed by everyone with peace of mind. We believe that karate is a source of physical and mental strength in a confusing world, and we aim to make karate the basic strategy for young people who will make a leap forward in society. The purpose of holding this tournament is to further improve Ashihara Kaikan. It is also a place to test ourselves and our goals that we have trained together with our friends. Through this tournament, we hope to further strengthen the unity and bond of Ashihara Kaikan, and to spread the special techniques called Sabaki of Ashihara Karate throughout the world.
This tournament is also an "ALS Charity" event. The reason for this is the existence of Hideyuki Ashihara, the previous Kancho, who passed away due to ALS. We would like to support the ALS Charity Tournament to save people who have the same intractable disease, so we have decided to donate a portion of the sponsorship money to the ALS Association of Japan. We will pursue the path of karate in order to live out our lives more righteously and powerfully. We also aim to provide a place for young people to develop their character, and to further sharpen their young power. We sincerely hope that you will understand the purpose of Ashihara Karate and this tournament, and we would be grateful for your support.

ALS Charity
8th ASHIHARA KARATE World Championship
Tournament Executive Committee
Chairman Hidenori ASHIHARA
Japan Amyotrophic Lateral
Sclerosis Association


Dear NIKO Branch Director Thank you very much for your daily efforts for the development of Ashihara Kaikan. We are pleased to invite you to the 8th ASHIHARA KARATE World Championship to be held in Matsuyama, Japan from November 2nd to 6th, 2023. This time, the event will finally be held in Japan. We look forward to your participation. This time, the event will finally be held in Japan for over four days.

The delegation will arrive on Thursday, November 2, followed by the Kata / New Style Division tournament on Friday, November 3.The KUMITE tournament will be held on Saturday and Sunday, the 4th and 5th, and then they will depart on Monday the 6th.

・The entry fee for the tournament is 100 euros (required only for competitors),
・the accommodation fee for the duration of the tournament is a flat rate of 450 Euros and includes the following (The following are included in the fee: competitors, coaches, supporters, and branch managers (not including Japanese nationals).
・NIKO will cover all accommodation expenses for committee members (check-in 11/1 check-out 11/6) and referees (check-in 11/2 check-out 11/6).

・4-day accommodation fee (Nov.2nd check-in, Nov.6th check-out)
・Meals from dinner on Nov.2nd to breakfast on the 6th
・Lunch during the convention (Nov.3rd to 5th)
・Transportation to and from the airport, hotel, and sports venues
・referees and branch managers’ conference

※The following is guaranteed even if you book by yourself ・Lunch during the convention (Nov.3rd to 5th)
・attendance at the Referees and Branch Managers’
Conference and the SAYONARA Party

Let's cherish the spirit of martial arts, be grateful to our opponents and all those involved in the organization of the tournament, and enjoy this World Championships as one Ashihara family from all over the world. OSU

The New International Karate Organization Ashihara Kaikan
Kancho Hidenori Ashihara



Arrival of delegation (Matsuyama Airport)
Transportation from the airport to the main hotel (ANA)
Competitors' Reception Desk Guidance to the hotel

19 : 00 Referee Meeting (tentative)


KATA /New Style Division (Preliminary, Semifinals and Final)

9 : 00 Opening of the venue, competitors register, weigh-in for New Style Division
10 : 00 Opening Ceremony on the first day
11 : 00 Kata competition begins
12 : 30 Lunch
13 : 30 Afternoon competition begins

After the competition, awards ceremony for kata and new style division
※The section of new style division will begin as soon as Kata competition is over.
Referee Meeting and Branch Managers' Meeting (at the competition venue)


Kumite Preliminaries and Semifinals

9 : 00 Opening of the venue, competitors register, kumite competitors weigh in
10 : 30 Competitions start
12 : 00 Lunch
13 : 00 Afternoon competition begins

Referee Meeting / Branch Managers' Meeting (at the competition venue)


Kumite (full contact) finals

9 : 00 Doors open, competitors register, finalists weigh in
10 : 00 Opening Ceremony
10 : 30 Finals begin
12 : 00 Lunch
13 : 00 Afternoon competition begins
After all competitions, kumite division award ceremony
19 : 00 SAYONARA Party(ANA)


Delegation Departure
There will be transportation from the hotel (ANA) to the airport

If you need to stay overnight outside of the convention period, please contact us as soon as possible in advance.

There are many major events in Matsuyama City during and around the convention.
In some cases, we may not be able to provide hotels.
Reservations already made before 10/30 will not be accepted.

Competition Venue

The competition venue:
The Ehime Budokan
Main Arena(551 Ichitubonishimachi, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)


ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Matsuyama (3-2-1 Ichibancho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)
Tokyu REI Hotel (3-3-1 Ichibancho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)
Daiwa Roynet Hotel Matsuyama (2-6-5 Ichibancho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)

※This hotel may be changed to another hotel.

ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Matsuyama , Tokyu REI Hotel and Daiwa Roynet Hotel Matsuyama are located right next to Okaido, the downtown area of Matsuyama City, and close to Dogo, which is famous for Dogo Onsen. The ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Matsuyama has been used not only as a hotel but also as a wedding and banquet hall for many years.

Amenities :
・Parking lot with charge (ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Matsuyama, Tokyu REI Hotel, Daiwa Roynet Hotel Matsuyama)
・Free Wi-fi (ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Matsuyama, Tokyu REI Hotel, Daiwa Roynet Hotel Matsuyama)
・Fitness center (ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Matsuyama)
・Meeting room with charge (Daiwa Roynet Hotel Matsuyama)

Please contact Mr. Koichiro Saiki for additional dates before or after the tournament.


Entry Qualification

All competitors, referees, and officials participating in the 8th Ashihara Karate World Championship must be
NIKO members with valid NIKO membership cards.

All participants in both KATA and KUMITE competitions must have the following:
・Medical permission (from a doctor in their country)
・Insurance policy

Competition Rules

The competition rules were changed and approved by Kancho, Hidenori Ashihara, in March 2023.

Competition Rules
(coming soon)


To participate as a referee, a license from the NIKO Referee Committee is requirged.

The list of NIKO licensed referees for
World Championship
(coming soon)

The NIKO referee committee reserves the right to choose a number of licensed referees depending on the number of registered competitors, and also available competition surfaces. The objective is to have impartial referees as stated in the official competition rules.


Registration period: July 1 - August 3, 2023

Registration(coming soon)

Bank Transfer

The fees must be paid by bank transfer. Please remit the fee to the following account.


Swift Code : MHCBJPJT
Account No. 651 3034294 (Hidenori Ashihara)
Sohonbu Address: New International Karate Organization Ashihara Karate 360-1 8 Chome,
Sanban-Cho, MATSUYAMA, EHIME, 790-0003 JAPAN
TEL 81-89-933-4600
FAX 81-89-933-8668


Please direct all inquiries regarding the tournament to the following e-mail address.