Ashihara Kaikan
220 branches in the world.
180 branches in Japan.

●About Global Brand Logo of Ashihara Karate

We Ashihara has two aims. One thing is continuing to master the rationality to be strong. Second thing is everyone can challenge karate and enjoy it. Ashihara Karate has the motto, it says,” if you do not become mentally strong, you cannot carry out true kindness or care for other people.” Therefore, Ashihara Karate says an important thing is to create new karate that can be used in social life, and it spread to the world. The logo was created as a global brand of Ashihara Karate. The initials of Ashihara Karate are 'A= Ashihara' and 'K=Karate'. This logo expresses the silhouette of two people who compete and master skills using two elements.

●About “Sabaki Souden.”

At the top of Ashihara Karate, it is “Sabaki.” The type of Sabaki draws a beautiful line(curve) like drawing a sky. It represents the dignity of a first-class Budo. We will continue to pass on and communicate this for generations to come. We call this “Souden.” We put the spirits of “Souden” into the word “Sabaki Souden.”

HISTORYThe history of Ashihara Karate

Hideyuki Ashihara is known as the character of the play "Karate Baka Ichidai".
He is a legendary karate man who took the nickname of "Kenka 10dan". He moved to Shikoku alone and
founded the school independent of Kyokushin-Kaikan in September 1980.
Itʼs called “New International Karatedo Federation.”
As the first director, Hideyuki Ashihara created a new karate program that was practical and enjoyable for everyone. He spread karate all over the world and nurtured it into an organization with many apprentics all over the world. His eldest son, Hidenori Ashihara, has taken over his will and is working hard to further spread and develop Ashihara Karate.
They have about 180 branches in Japan and about 220 overseas.

Founder Hideyuki AshiharaFounder Hideyuki Ashihara
Jr Hidenori AshiharaJr Hidenori Ashihara


The theme of the New International KarateDo Federation, "Ashihara Kaikan", is about karate, which anyone can learn with peace of mind and enjoy while having fun.
In a world of confusion, we aim to make karate as a center of mind and body and also we aim to “be” karate, this should be a necessary basic strategy for young people who want to make leaps into society.
Thirty years have passed since Ashihara Karate pursued the rationality of becoming stronger.
Based on its training and experience, Ashihara Karate hopes that young people will be able to improve their skills by providing a place for human connections, especially among young people.
We believe mental and physical power-ups also lead to power-ups in the mind.
The strength of physical power alone is useless, but if you do not become mentally strong, you cannot carry out true kindness or care for other people.
Our goal is to create new karate that can be used in social life according to the strengths of each class, from beginners to advanced students by developing by themselves.
Furthermore, we are convinced that we can create a higher international humanity and friendship by having a common sense of purpose with people around the world, Ashihara Karate, without being limited to Japan only.
In order to live in this complex society, let's train ourselves with our karate-educated friends and challenge ourselves to a new Japan.
We pursue the path of karate with the aim of making a right way for the future.


It is original "Karate kata"of Ashihara Karate.
In karate until now, the stronger person is the one who beat the other person and wins, and that was the image of karate. Ashihara school philosophy is that the one who trains more rationally and enhances the function of the whole body wins. We changed the definition of karate.
It is also a way of moving to beat, not to be knocked down, to hit more safely.

The kata of "Sabaki"

It is an original type of Ashihara Kaikan originally so that everyone can practice alone to master Sabaki’s rational movement.
It is made according to each level from beginner to person who has higher ranking. There are several karate formation---"syoshin no kata""kihon no kata""nage no kata""kumite no kata""jissen no kata""gosin no kata""buki no kata" and "enshin no kata."
They are the culmination of Sabaki and the model of combination.

The kata of 'Sabaki'
The kata of 'Sabaki'
The kata of 'Sabaki'
The kata of 'Sabaki'
The kata of 'Sabaki'


Ashihara Kaikan director Hidenori Ashihara

Ashihara Kaikan director

Hidenori Ashihara

From an early age, he learned Ashihara karate from his father and the pioneer of The Ashihara Hideyuki, a teacher of karate.
On April 24th, 1995, the pioneer died of ALS(a motor and nervous system disease), an incurable disease that affects five out of a million people.
At that time, at the age of 18, he became the second director of the Ashihara Kaikan, a new international karate-do federation that spread not only in Japan but also around the world.
He has taken over the will of the former director, and is working hard to further spread and develop Ashihara Karate while spending days teaching this method to apprentices from all over the world.

About the general headquarters


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